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Who can benefit from Diversity Decoded?

Tech leads. Engineering managers. VPs of Engineering. CTOS. Founders of tech companies. Anyone hiring for technical positions.

Diversity Decoded is a weekly newsletter of short, actionable insights for tech leaders to build and retain diverse talent. Recognizing the lure of competing priorities, I created this resource to help engineering leaders take a measured, pragmatic approach to building diverse and inclusive teams.

How does Diversity Decoded work?

  • Each month, we'll focus on a specific stage in your pipeline (such as sourcing).
  • Each week, I'll drop a newsletter in your inbox.
  • Each newsletter features a goal (such as diversifying your network) and an action plan, which you can implement in less than 30 minutes.
  • When helpful, I provide resources to speed up your implementation (such as a template for cold-contacts).

Will you spam or sell my data?

Nope. This newsletter stays afloat with your subscription fees. Not your data. And you can unsubscribe at any time.

Who are you?

Janice Wilson, DEI author and consultant

I'm Janice. I'm an engineer at HashiCorp, where I enjoy coding up goodies for Terraform. But I also moonlight as a Diversity and Inclusion consultant. I've had the privilege of providing diversity and inclusion training to thousands of engineers and scientists at tech startups, industry giants, federal agencies and international technology conferences. I've sat on both sides of a performance review as the managed and as the manager. And as a founder, the New York Times and Huffington Post have featured me as a trailblazer for patient and inclusive employment.

I want more than the free issue. How do I subscribe?

Lovely! Here's how to purchase a subscription.

How much?

$30 per month. Or $75 per quarter.